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Create your own voice process using the Datch Builder

In your day-to-day work, you and your team will have workflows that need to be recorded on paper or digitally. Datch was designed to help you simply talk through your processes in real-time so that you can concentrate on the job at hand.

Introducing Datch's Process Builder. Datch Builder is a visual tool that converts your paper and digital workflows into voice-first processes. Assembling the process only takes a few minutes, with Datch automatically training your workflow so that it's ready to use once you log in.

How it works

The builder can be found on your web dashboard, and you simply need to define the fields that are in your forms.

Processes have different types of information that need to be captured. For example, with a work order, you might need to choose from a list of people responsible, you might need a date, and you might need a long text description.  Other "datatypes" include numbers, CSV Lists, and photos.

Once you've defined the fields that need to be captured, you need to submit the workflow, and then Datch will "train" your process to work conversationally. For the work order example, you would then be able to open your Datch app and say "Create a work order and assign it to John to be completed next Friday"

Datch will then recognize your company terms, asset IDs, names and any other information using it's natural language engine, before populating them into the appropriate fields as you speak.

The information captured in your voice workflows will then be viewable on the Datch web dashboard or on your device.

Request access for Datch Builder here.

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