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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Datch?
How does the Datch technology work?
How is Datch different to other speech-to-text software?
What is the benefit of an Industrial Voice AI and how does it improve my operations?
How do users interact with Datch?  
Which processes can Datch be used on?
Can Datch be used to search my database?
Can Datch be used in noisy environments?
Can I capture photos with Datch?
I have complex Asset IDs or FLOCs - how does voice deal with this?
How does Datch deal with accents?
How many languages does Datch know?
What is the cost?
How does the pilot process work?
Does Datch need to be integrated with my ERP to work? Do I need IT to be involved?
How accurate is Datch?
How does Datch ensure security?
How does Datch store and protect my data?
How does Datch handle incident reporting?

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