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Reduce downtime by 21% with
AI-powered mobile asset management.

Datch for Asset Management is changing the way work is done at the frontline.

  • Manage all your plant maintenance onsite, in real time.
  • Use AI to automate work and enrich your data.
  • Tightly integrate to SAP.
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MacBook Pro with Datch app UIiPhone with Datch's app UI

Datch is your customizable mobile interface for frontline teams.

Use AI to interact with your site, while meeting your full set of workflow requirements.

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Reduce downtime and reactive maintenance with frontline AI.

Datch makes frontline data discovery and capture easier and faster. This enables your team to correctly document and collaborate on the status of equipment, creating the insights that prevent issues.

  • 5x faster work processing
  • Solve problems in real time
  • Evaluate asset history

Minimize time maintaining and configuring SAP with turnkey mobile integrations.

Datch works on top of your existing EAM set up, ensuring that there’s no tradeoff in your backend stability and front end configurations. Save time customizing front end solutions to each and every use case.


Make every decision data informed by making everyone a knowledge worker.

By making all of your frontline workers knowledge workers, you dramatically increase the breadth and depth of insights. From optimizing OEE to enabling lean principles, you can make all of your decisions data informed.

Stay compliant by reducing the burden on frontline workers.

To stay within reporting and safety compliance you need quality reporting data. Datch makes real time reporting simple, ensuring you always capture the required information and no corners are cut.


Datch for Asset Management is just the beginning

Datch Platform can be the single frontline interface for all your teams

Datch can help your maintenance team carry out daily tasks quickly and accurately.
Quality, Safety & Compliance
Ensure safety by logging incidents and hazards as soon as they're identified.
Search assigned jobs, record history against assets, and troubleshoot breakdowns.
Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain
Pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections, documentation of hand-offs and transfers.

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