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Discover why AI & mobility are the future of asset management.

Reduce downtime by
21% with AI-powered mobile asset management.

Datch for Asset Management is changing the way work is done at the frontline.

Manage all your plant maintenance onsite, in real time
Use AI to automate work and enrich your data
Tightly integrate to SAP PM and other EAMs
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Reduce downtime from reactive maintenance with AI.

Capturing and enriching data from the frontline just got a lot easier.

Datch makes capturing data easier, faster, and seamless with a mobile AI solution developed for the frontline workforce.

Free your frontline to interact with their voice while their hands are full.
Complete maintenance orders fast, in real-time.
Use AI to submit more data with less effort and more accuracy.
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Turnkey mobile integrations for asset management on the move.

Datch interfaces with your existing EAM, ensuring backend stability with easy frontend configuration for your entire team.

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Make every decision
data-informed by making everyone a knowledge worker.

Datch makes it easy for every worker to share valuable knowledge and insights through the organization, putting frontline workers at the center of continuous improvement.

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Datch Platform

Stay compliant by reducing
the burden on frontline workers.

To stay within reporting and safety compliance you need accurate, quality data from the frontline. Datch makes real-time reporting simple, ensuring you always capture the required information and no corners are cut.

Datch Platform can be the single frontline interface for all your teams.


Datch can help your maintenance team carry out daily tasks quickly and accurately.

Quality Assurance

Use quality, structured data to satisfy quality requirements and process control.


Search assigned jobs, record history against assets, and troubleshoot breakdowns.


Ensure safety by staying ahead of incidents and hazards.

Datch worked closely with us to identify which workflows were best to optimize for peak efficiency. The tasks our team once considered to be burdensome are actually now seamless and simple processes.

Marcus Prestney | Business Lead at Contact Energy

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