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Discover why AI & mobility are the future of asset management.

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Datch for Asset Management (D/4AM) revolutionizes frontline work by enabling real-time, on-site plant maintenance management. D/4AM effortlessly integrates with SAP PM through an intuitive interface that anyone can use. With a strong focus on user experience, D/4AM offers maintenance teams a central platform for managing tasks, powered by conversational AI and multimodal inputs to enhance daily operations.

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A hand holding up an iPhone with Datch's app UI on display.A hand holding up an iPhone with Datch's app UI on display.
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Read our white paper: Artificial intelligence in enterprise asset management.

Reasons to read:

Understanding the importance of mobile asset management
Turning frontline workers into knowledge workers
Identifying the shift: Integrating AI into asset management
And more insights!
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Integrate mobile asset management for the most commonly used EAMs.

D/4AM acts as a de-coupled mobile asset management front-end for most EAMs and Plant Maintenance systems. Integration is customizable to your existing set up and workflows.

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Radically transform your operations with Datch’s targeted AI capabilities.

Voice recognition, advanced NLP, live translation, jargon and phonetic matching
Quick data capture for 80% faster processes
Generative AI for auto-classification, standardization, and work automation
Industrial intelligence for conversational analytics, intuitive document searching, and solution mapping
Blueprint of asset

All you need to get the job done.

Easy maintenance orders
Streamlined workflows
Real-time requests
Faster turnarounds
More site visibility
Asset first approaches
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AI enabling you to get the job done faster.

Voice & Natural Language Processing
  • Structured data, in real time
  • Any language, translated on the fly
  • Jargon and phonetic
  • Process recognition
Generative AI
  • Autoclassification
  • Summarize detail, auto-titles
  • Clean and standardized descriptions
  • Process builder assistant
Knowledge Base Intelligence
  • Query your knowledge base
  • Solution mapping
  • AI document search
  • Conversational analytics

Process builder

Rapidly create, configure, and deploy digital processes using an AI-assisted, no-code, drag-and-drop interface.


Native on iOS and Android

Now all of your core workflows are in the palm of your workforce's hands. Mobile data capture is just a quick download away.


Offline support

Access data and capture data from wherever you are, even if you are disconnected from the internet. Any changes are maintained and synced once you're back online.



Seamlessly capture and attach media within the context of your workflows.


Technical object search

Using AI search, you can access all historical information on technical objects like locations and equipment at a moment's notice. Anytime, anywhere with natural language.


Access to Datch Platform

With Datch for Asset Management, you gain access to an intelligence platform that scales with additional business needs.

Work more intelligently, and less artificially - with Datch for Asset Management.

Interact with your systems naturally with advanced NLP and speech-to-text features
Tightly integrate with your most commonly used EAMs
Manage all maintenance onsite, in real-time
Let Datch automate tedious work and enrich your data
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