Easier data capture using voice

When was the last time you reviewed a job, and the only information logged was "job done"?

We believe that detailed documentation can be part of getting the job done without friction. With our latest update, front-line workers just need to hit the mic button and say their thoughts. Information will automatically flow into a process ready to be digested.

Our latest update enables:

Removing the friction

The friction of grabbing a notepad, knowing it'll need to be transcribed later, or taking off gloves and booting up a mobility solution that requires lots of fields to be filled before saving is a blocker for front-line workers capturing rich information.

Our latest update sits naturally in the unstructured way front-line workers generate observations and is a tailored experience for capturing data. "Looks like there have been some signs of vermin in the substation block", "might be related to the wiring faults", take a photo, back to work, closeout the job.

With Datch, the source of truth is the audio captured. If you want to check if "the pressure gauge was reading 16.4 pascals" was actually 16.4 pascals, the evidence is there for you.

By allowing the capture of information locally on the device and review before exporting to the ERP, front-line workers can drop all possibly unrelated observations as they go and triage the necessary information later.

This latest release is one more step in the journey towards making Datch a seamless experience while carrying out work on site.

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Written by

Matt Costa
Head of UX & Design @ Datch

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