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Asset Insights

Unlock Frontline Intelligence

When teams lack access to actionable data insights, productivity slows and decision- making is hindered. Datch's Asset Insights tool brings work history and other data sources into one view and uses AI to surface the information crucial for efficient, data-driven operations at users' fingertips.

You're collecting millions of data points. Help your workers use them.

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Key features and benefits
Consolidate asset and work data from disparate systems onto a single platform to enhance accessibility and analysis.
Empower decision-making by giving users the ability to query mounds of unstructured text data using natural language.
Improve EAM/CMMS data handling for all skill levels with an intuitive interface.
Get proactive insights to anticipate and resolve operational issues faster, reducing costly downtime.
How it works
Connect disparate data sources such as CMMS and DMS via simple, read-only integrations
Map entities to an organization-specific knowledge graph
Use understanding to surface the relevant data points automatically in context
Ask questions of your data and get real answers (NLQ)