Intelligent Maintenance:
How AI is Changing Enterprise Asset Management.

Whether you're an industry veteran or just kicking off your digital transformation journey, this is one webinar you don't want to miss.

As we advance into the era of digital transformation, AI stands at the forefront, reshaping numerous sectors—including Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

Today, the traditional methods of asset management are being integrated and augmented with AI-driven technologies, unlocking new efficiencies and improving decision-making. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the enormous opportunities along with the various challenges in this sector, and explore the future implications of frontline AI with our panel of experts. So, whether you’re an industry veteran or just beginning your digital journey, join us as we navigate this fascinating intersection of AI and Enterprise Asset Management.

How AI is changing enterprise asset management

Event Highlights

Expert-led panel discussion of the state of AI in Enterprise Asset Management
Future implications and challenges involved with development and implementation
AI-driven benefits like enhanced asset performance and cost savings
Human decision-making and AI integration for real-world success stories
Ethical and privacy exploration of AI

Meet Our Speakers

Mark Fosdike
CEO of Datch, and Host of this Webinar

Mark Fosdike is the CEO of Datch, which was founded with a mission to change the way work is done at the frontline. With a background in aircraft design and manufacturing, Mark brings his global experience to Datch's vision of enabling the industrial workforce with better tools and better data.

Mark Fosdike
Julian Seidenberg
Julian Seidenberg
Head of AI at Datch, Co-Host of this Webinar

Dr Julian Seidenberg is the Head of AI for both Narrative Ltd and Datch Ltd in New Zealand. Narrative builds vision AI software for professional photographers to speed up their workflows, while Datch creates AI for industrial workers to simplify processes and improve efficiency. Julian holds a PhD in AI from the University of Manchester. Prior to his current roles, Julian served as Head of AI at Legal AI start-up McCarthy Finch, and as a Solution Architect at Spark and SilverStripe.

Andrea Ruotolo
Global Head, Customer Sustainability / ESG, RockwellAutomation

Andrea, Global Head of Customer Sustainability at Rockwell Automation, is a seasoned leader with 18 years of global executive experience. Specializing in digital transformation, Responsible AI, and industrial sustainability, Andrea holds a Fulbright Doctorate in sustainability, two Master's degrees, and is a recognized expert in AI Organizational Strategy, with specializations from MIT and Harvard Business School.

Andrea Ruotolo
Terrence O'Hanlon
Terrence O'Hanlon
CEO, Publisher, Executive Director, ReliabilityWeb

Mr. O’Hanlon, an entrepreneur and CEO of Reliabilityweb.com, is a key figure in real estate and investments. As the Executive Director of the Association of Asset Management Professionals, he connects with 60,000+ global members. Author of "10 Rights of Asset Management," he's the mind behind the Uptime Elements Reliability Framework. An active voting member of ISO committees, he received the Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional Veterans award and educated 40,000+ in reliability leadership.

Fabio Brand
Reliability Engineer, Gerdau Special Steel

Fabio, a Senior Reliability Engineer with 20+ years in Heavy Industry, holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and a Master's in RCM. Starting in Brazil, he contributed significantly to the US steel industry in New Jersey and Michigan. He spearheaded global SAP-PM deployment, training 5,000 users across multiple countries. Currently leading a large team at a Steel Mill, Fabio oversees a $10MM+ budget, utilizing Industry 4.0 tech like Online Monitoring, Automation, and Machine Learning to optimize maintenance processes.

Ramin Rahnama
Digital Transformation, Asset Performance Optimization,Wood, UK

Ramin Rahnama, Senior Consultant and Global Lead for maintAI Solution at Wood, holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Calgary, Canada, with over 15 years of experience in the energy industry. Based in Glasgow, UK, Ramin currently leads a team of skilled engineers dedicated to executing globally scalable, digitally enabled asset performance optimization solutions. His focus is on leveraging AI and digital technologies to support businesses in their production and safety improvement journey.

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Artificial Intelligent in enterprise asset management.

Preparing for an industrial platform shift

With mobile asset management at the center of success for asset-intensive industries, AI is entering the picture just in time to ease the challenges associated with frontline data and enterprise adoption.

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