Transforming the industry

Datch is leading digital transformation for the mining, manufacturing, energy and utilities industries. Using a specialized voice AI, work can be issued, organized, and completed simply by talking through the job.

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Intelligent voice interface

The world’s first
voice AI for industry

Datch uses a highly adaptable artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) engine to allow field employees to complete workflows and capture field observations in real-time using voice.

Datch accurately structures spoken words, numbers and complex Asset IDs into a machine-readable format directly into your company databases, ready for analysis and insights.

Solve business process constraints

Datch uses conversation to solve business process constraints, such as time spent on work management, logging information, and solving problems.

Work closely with industry sectors

We work closely with our customers across the mining, energy,  manufacturing, and aerospace sectors to identify and obtain high-quality, structured knowledge data, driving higher uptime, increased productivity and top line revenue.

Speed up team processes by 90%

Datch the only solution that allows teams to speed up their processes by 90%, and it is adaptive across an array of workflows, from maintenance management through to safety, quality, operations, and business intelligence.

Built on top of a powerful connected platform, Datch connects and interacts with your existing in-house systems through simple integrations.

Product Features

Workpace icon


Draft processes and notes
Quick and easy way to capture knowledge
Talk however you want, whenever you want
Record information real time
Playback audio
Timeline of events
Offline icon


Capture information without internet connectivity
Auto-sync when back online
Pull information from 3rd party system to use offline
Q&A Flow icon
Q&A flow
Answer questions to fill forms
Remove friction in your procedural processes
Record information real time
Add context to your workflows
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Advanced Search
Quickly filter records
Find work orders and assets
Push to talk icon
Push to Talk
Hands-free experience
Capture information without looking at your device
PPE friendly
ERP Integration icon
Integrated with ERPs
Pull assets and records
Export processes to your existing system

Datch in Action

Our intelligent software enables your workers to fill out company forms, create and update digital work orders, assign tasks, and recall company records by simply talking through the job at hand.

Work Order & History Write
Advanced Search
Maintenance Log

Pricing and Plans


for small teams

$14 per user/month

100 monthly transactions

  • Datch builder (beta)
  • 2 processes
  • Datch Notes
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for your everyday processes

$29 per user/month

750 monthly transactions

  • Datch builder (beta)
  • Up to 4 processes
  • Datch Notes
  • Unlimited users
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for large organizations

$59 per user/month

7,500 monthly transactions

  • Datch builder (beta)
  • Up to 15 processes
  • Datch Notes
  • Unlimited users
  • Integration support
  • Single Sign On
  • Training and Support
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