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Operations in the mining industry are complex and rely on high volume, accurate data coming from the field for continuous extraction, processing, and transport of minerals. Datch is the first and most advanced voice AI developed for the mining workforce.

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Datch, write history to work order 10008943

Gas valves 29EKG11A051 fractured fittings need to be reinstated to prevent gas from venting

Asset Management

Datch’s NLP technology is uniquely designed to capture detailed Asset ID information quickly and accurately.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Datch seamlessly integrates with your ERP system, enabling workers to search through work orders, history, and inventories to troubleshoot and maintain equipment on-site.

Search open work orders for conveyor belt 9

Write history to work order 10089563

Set status to complete

Datch, create a work order for compactor 210

The front axle has cracked and needs to be scheduled for repair

Create Work Orders, Notifications & History

Datch mobilizes and modernizes the way maintenance work is completed and recorded by allowing workers to create and update work orders on their mobile device.

Checklists & Transactional Work

Datch saves your workforce time by moving them through routine checklists and simple transactions quickly and efficiently.

Hey Datch, create a new vehicle inspection checklist for February 1

Odometer reading 30152

No issues found, mark all inspection items complete

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