Use Cases

Datch is highly adaptable to any company process.
Here are some scenarios of Datch being used for a variety of tasks and operations.

Conducting a Maintenance Process

User: Technician | Industry: Manufacturing | Area: Maintenance

John is a maintenance technician who needs to conduct daily rounds around the manufacturing plant. He's come across an issue with the spot welder and needs to report a problem, so that it can be escalated to the planning team.

John uses Datch to record a maintenance log about the welder, providing detailed observations about the issue while onsite. While John is speaking, Datch's intention engine accurately populates the appropriate fields and creates the log for John, ensuring that each observation is timestamped and the maintenance action is created.

Reporting a Hazard

User: Manager | Industry: Manufacturing | Area: Safety

Scenario: Ben is a design engineering manager who does occasional testing onsite. He's been out in the factory, and is running late for a meeting. On the way back to the office he sees a hazard that needs to be reported, in accordance with the company's safety policy.

Solution: Ben pulls out his phone and uses conversational language to rapidly add observations to the record in real time, so that he can continue on to his meeting. Datch does the rest of the work to structure the information and route it to the right place, while Ben has done his part to improve the company's safety culture.

Opening & Closing Daily Work Orders

User: Technician | Industry: Utilities | Area: Operations

Scenario: Bill is starting his shift and needs to know what work has been scheduled for him that day.

Solution: Bill asks Datch to pull up his work orders, then records his observations against each order, along with any photos, before closing them out after completion using simple voice commands. Voice allows him to observe events in real-time, so his notes are able to capture rich and nuanced detail that he would not have remembered otherwise.

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