Customer Spotlight: Teconnex

Who are you? What is your role?

Michael Wade - Group Production Engineering Manager

Dean Wood – Maintenance Manager


Introduction to Teconnex?

Teconnex is a global leader in providing engineered clamping solutions for the emissions market while investing in new technology through our Product Diversification Programme. With facilities in four continents, our focus on continuous improvement has seen us diversify our production to meet the requirements of a number of industry sectors.

Our history began with manufacturing technical joint solutions and this continues to grow on a global stage, now having expanded into the world of Bellows,Power, Aerospace, Automation, Tooling, and more to come in the future.


How long have you been using Datch?

We first started working alongside Datch with a pilot to put things into place in Summer 2018. By June 2019, it was filtered through onto the shop floor.


What processes do you use Datch for?

Dean uses Datch  to manage his Team for Machinery Maintenance  and Facilities Management throughout the factory.

We are using it in three different ways: raising work orders for ourselves to initialize work, breakdown requests and as a service request facility for anything building or facilities related.


How did your efficiency change before Datch vs. after Datch?

The maintenance team’s time is more efficient in terms of picking up jobs and responding to jobs. It used to take us about 6-7 minutes to input job details, but now using Datch it is between 60-90 seconds to complete. So time-wise, it has been a big input turn around.

When it comes to digitization, we went from a paper and desktop setup to a system where operators can log a job on the shop floor screens, Engineers see it on their phones, so the response time is much quicker.


What did adoption look like for your users?

It was slow at first, the pilot was crucial, but we got good feedback in the first couple of months and then started getting feedback that it was good. Any new technology is quite slow to adapt to but now everyone has a mobile phone, so the adoption has gone quite well.


How was the experience of mapping Datch onto your current processes?

It made the existing processes more efficient by saving us time. It also became more visual, with the ability to analyze and investigate that data. For example, if there is an incident we need to refer to, we can search through and see what happened that day. We are also able to take it further and analyze data to reduce downtime and improve machinery performance and uptime.  


What are you excited about with the future of Datch and digitization?

On digitization, we’re looking to integrate further with our machines to analyze real-time connections between machinery downtime, call time, response time, etc. We’re excited about automation and having a system that manages itself.

We also look forward to expanding Datch to the other companies and subsidiaries within the group, where it will be a helpful tool to improve efficiency and compare performance between sites and across the groups. We also want to introduce Datch into more health and safety tasks, specifically pre-task safety and maintenance operational safety.

To learn more about Teconnex, visit them on the web or on LinkedIn.

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