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Manufacturing operations rely on good data coming from the frontline to maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Datch makes work management intuitive, so that teams can reduce downtime and increase output across their sites.

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Hey Datch, create an unplanned work order for the line 3 spot welder

There's a hydraulic leak that needs to be inspected

Assign it to Jerry for next Tuesday


Datch can help your maintenance team carry out daily tasks quickly and accurately.

Work Management

Search assigned jobs, record history against assets, and troubleshoot breakdowns.

Show me history for the conveyor drive belt in the last two weeks, where vibration was mentioned.

Begin an inspection process

Record a near-miss for warehouse 3. A forklift drove too close to the footpath and almost caused an injury.

What's the recommended action?

Install a convex mirror near the rear entrance.

Quality, Safety & Compliance

Ensure safety by logging incidents and hazards as soon as they're identified.

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