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Energy production, transmission, and delivery operations are complex and rely on accurate and high volume data from the field to ensure high asset uptime, a detailed system of record, and safe workers.

Datch was designed to reduce the administrative burden of your frontline workforce, increase incoming data quality, and improve operational efficiency by making reporting easy and natural.

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Datch, the Hubbel insulator on Pole 57 is damaged and seems loose, I grounded my equipment to system neutral, put on safety gear and replaced the insulator

Add notes to work order 10805, compressor visual oil check complete

Create work order, east wing conveyor motor mount 19JA941 needs to be replaced to prevent expansion of hairline fracture.

Asset Data Capture & Management

Datch’s NLP technology is uniquely designed to capture detailed Asset ID information quickly and accurately, recognizing and translating company jargon into a company-specific format.

Search Work Orders, Records & History

Datch allows for frontline workers to search through work orders, inventory lists and any other system data without ever having to leave site.

Datch, search maintenance history of the valve at 123 Main St., the valve is showing corrosion, recommend replacement and testing by end of next week

Show me compressors that malfunctioned this year

Search work orders created in the last month

Select work order 5. I conducted 20-point inspection, work order complete

Datch, create a work order to repair the boiler at 456 Penny Lane, assign it to John to be completed by next Tuesday

Create notification to work order 25, construction team completed the installation of the transformer at 349 Cross St., close work order

Create Work Orders, Notifications & History

Datch allows for frontline workers to raise, update, and close work orders on site while working through a job, allowing for rich, detailed capture of information and rapid task confirmations.

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