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The Datch Platform

The Datch Platform empowers your frontline teams to capture knowledge 10x faster:

  • Broad AI applications across your stack.
  • Interface to any system.
  • Map, configure, and deploy workflows and processes.
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A platform to connect and enhance your frontline operations

Datch can be deployed across all of your teams to streamline communication between your frontline and back-end business systems.

Datch can help your maintenance team carry out daily tasks quickly and accurately.
Quality, Safety & Compliance
Ensure safety by logging incidents and hazards as soon as they're identified.
Search assigned jobs, record history against assets, and troubleshoot breakdowns.
Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain
Pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections, documentation of hand-offs and transfers.

Radically transform your operations through targeted AI applications.

  • Voice & NLP, live translation, and jargon and phonetic matching to help capture knowledge 80% faster.
  • Generative AI to autoclassify, standardize, and automate your work.
  • Upstream intelligence through AI document search, solution mapping, and conversational analytics.

Seamlessly customize Datch data feeds to any back-end system of record.

Datch's applications act as a de-coupled front-end to any back-end system, such as ERP, EAM, EHS. Get a direct data feed from your frontline teams to your system of record.

Reduce the burden for your application managers with an integration that is modular and customizable to your existing set up.


Increase adoption with best-in-class mobile UX solutions.

Human centric design is critical for change management. Datch's applications are purpose built for both the frontline worker and those in the business of process deployment. Empower your IT teams to deploy and maintain effective infrastructure, while your frontline teams effectively operate and maintain your assets.

Keep ROI top of mind

Free up worker time and boost data quality. Decrease downtime, remove planning waste, make better asset procurement decisions, inform your analytics, and benefit from greater knowledge transfer within your workforce.

Getting started is simple

Start empowering your teams with Datch