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Discover why AI & mobility are the future of asset management.

The Datch Platform

The Datch Platform empowers your frontline teams to capture knowledge 10x faster:

Broad AI applications across your stack
Interface to any system
Map, configure, and deploy workflows and processes

A platform to connect
and enhance your frontline operations

Datch can be deployed across all of your teams to streamline communication between your frontline and back-end business systems.


Datch can help your maintenance team carry out daily tasks quickly and accurately.

Quality Assurance

Use quality, structured data to satisfy quality requirements and process control.


Search assigned jobs, record history against assets, and troubleshoot breakdowns.


Ensure safety by staying ahead of incidents and hazards.

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Radically transform your operations with Datch's targeted AI capabilities.

Voice recognition, advanced NLP, live translation, jargon and phonetic matching
Quick data capture for 80% faster processes
Generative AI for auto-classification, standardization, and work automation
Industrial intelligence for conversational analytics, intuitive document searching, and solution mapping
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Seamlessly customize Datch data feeds to any back-end system of record.

Datch’s modular nature allows for flexible integration that can be setup as a de-coupled front-end for any system of record already in use. Meaning, you can easily update and improve your EAM without needing to replace it or waste hours migrating data.

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Keep ROI top of mind.

Datch, on average is proven to reduce 75% of time technicians spend on their workflows. For a team of 200 technicians, this reduction of time represents $362,000 in recovered frontline time, every month. That’s an average cost recovery of $4,344,000 annually.

cost recovery for 200 technicians every year
reduction on workflow times
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Increase adoption with best-in-class mobile UX solutions.

Human centric design is critical for change management. Datch's applications are purpose built for both the frontline worker and those in the business of process deployment.

Empower your IT teams to deploy and maintain effective infrastructure, while your frontline teams effectively operate and maintain your assets.

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