Manufacturing operations are complex and rely on high volume, accurate data coming from the frontline for continuous production and high levels of OEE. Your employees are busy, they have their hands full, and they would rather be working with their equipment than spending up to 20% of their time on important data collection.

Datch is the first and most advanced voice AI developed for the manufacturing workforce. Datch enables workers to carry out production, quality, and maintenance processes throughout their day, such as notification raising and dispatches, work order creation, real time history recording, safety logging, and more, all through simple conversational interactions.

Use Cases (Solutions)

The single most important metric in manufacturing operations is overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Quality, performance, and availability are monitored through a combination of sensor data and shopfloor feedback from production and maintenance staff, and improvements to OEE are made through subsequent data-driven insights by management. In high output plants, equipment breakdowns are costly on many levels — downtime adversely affects availability, part replacements can be expensive, and precious labor is spent fighting fires instead of working on preventative maintenance or doing detailed asset inspections.

Process driven teams, along with predictive maintenance, can lead to an initial cost reduction and productivity gains of an estimated 10% to 20%. But this requires consistent, high quality data being collected at the front line, along with the time to do this.

Here are some examples processes deployed with Datch in manufacturing plants:

Asset Data Capture / Asset Management

Datch’s NLP technology is uniquely designed to capture detailed Asset ID information quickly and accurately.

e.g. “Datch, write history to work order 10805, compressor visual oil check complete

e.g. “Datch, create work order, east wing conveyor motor mount 19JA941 needs to be replaced to prevent expansion of hairline fracture.

Search Work Orders/Search History

Create Work Orders/Notifications/History

Checklists, Handovers, and Transactional Work

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