Securing The Cabin with Datch

Through the Starburst Aviation Accelerator Program, Datch has shown how our Voice AI system can speed up aircraft cabin inspections for Singapore Airlines’ engineering subsidiary, SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC).

SIAEC Cabin Services inspects the interior of aircraft to identify and resolve any issues with the cabin. Pre-pandemic times, Cabin Services performed around 200 cabin sweeps a day for transit checks. Each cabin sweep usually takes around 45 minutes from start to finish. 

Over the course of 13 weeks, Datch teamed up with SIAEC to deploy an innovative Voice AI system to reduce the time spent on the cabin sweep process.

Datch’s innovative Voice AI was implemented as a way to rapidly record defects and deviations, as well as:

Earlier this month, Matthew Taylor – Technical AccountManager at Datch, gave a live demo at Starburst’s Aviation Accelerator Program in Singapore. The demo showed how easy it is for crew members to record any defects as part of the cabin sweep process by simply talking into their mobile device.

SIAEC has been pleased with the progress so far.
“Datch shows that they are able to provide an intelligent interface to assist cabin staff on data recording of cabin rectifications works which eliminates redundancy and improves overall efficiency,” says Gillett Thia the Projects Executive at SIAEngineering Company

Using Datch’s Voice AI for cabin sweeps has illustrated that Voice AI can lead to a massive reduction in time spent recording cabin defects, which Cabin Inspectors can use directly on their mobile devices. In time, this could greatly improve what is a very taxing, long, and repetitive process.

We look forward to providing more solutions like our Cabin Sweep digitization to help the aviation world reach new heights. Fly over to our use cases to see for yourself how Datch can work for you. 

Written by

Jessica Simm

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