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Energy production, transmission, and delivery are complex undertakings. Effective operations rely on high volume, accurate data coming from the field to ensure asset uptime, detailed systems of record, and safe workers. Your field employees are busy, they have their hands full, and they would rather be doing work than spending 20-30% of their time on important, but time-consuming data collection.  

Introducing Datch, the first and most advanced Voice AI built specifically for the energy workforce. Datch enables workers to carry out company processes across different business units, such as notification raising, work order creation, real time history recording, safety logging and more by allowing workers to simply make conversational observations into their phone, tablet, or headset.  

Datch was designed to reduce administrative burden of your frontline workforce, increase incoming data quality, improve operational efficiency, and reduce downtime. Datch uses a highly adaptable artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) engine to allow field employees to create work orders and capture field observations in real-time using voice. Datch accurately structures spoken words, numbers and complex Asset IDs into a machine-readable format directly into your company databases, ready for analysis and insights  

Use Cases  (Solutions)

Datch has many use cases for different operational departments. Organizations may want to increase reporting compliance by their workers, have a better catalog of field worker interactions with customers, or increase the quality of data coming into the system. Datch can help achieve all these business goals and increase your employees’ user experience with field information capture.  

Here are some example processes using Datch in a variety of production, transmission, and distribution applications:

Search Work Orders/Search History

Asset Data Capture / Asset Management

e.g. “Datch, create an issue log for insulator #523F4, the insulator fastener has broken and needs to be replaced”

e.g. “Datch, construction team #5 just installed 50ft of 4” plastic main at intersection of Grant and West St. and added 5 service laterals to No. 23, 25 and 27 Grant St.”

Pre/Post-job briefing knowledge capture

e.g. "Datch, Exterior gas main condition found upon exposure. Job may still proceed but the main condition may dictate additional work based upon the data logged on condition found

Site walk inspections/Auditing

Safety/Incident reporting

e.g.Datch, create an incident report, my truck collided with another vehicle on-site and my shoulder is bruised from the collision”  

Emergency Dispatching

e.g. “Datch, create an emergency dispatch order, there is a hit on the main at 123 Grant St, dispatch team 6 to check site status”

Construction Data Capture

Create Work Orders/Notifications/History

Checklists, Handovers, and Transactional Work

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