Blackhorn Ventures Leads Series A with $10 Million Investment

We're thrilled to announce our $10 million Series A funding!

Datch is a frontline AI for industrial operations. Through the use of natural language processing, Datch digitizes, structures, and streamlines work management processes for deskless teams. Throughout their jobs, workers interact with Datch through voice and touch, and the Datch platform handles the rest, interfacing with their systems of record on their behalf.

In just a few years, we have rapidly expanded, introducing our technology into Fortune 500 and other industry-leading enterprises, and now work with a range of sectors: utilities, energy, manufacturing, mining, and aviation.

Continuing with this momentum, we are proud to announce our latest funding round of $10 million. Blackhorn Ventures, an Industry 4.0 fund investing in software companies redefining the industrial sector, led the capital raise, which was also supported by Blue Bear Capital, Boeing HorizonX, Park Partners, Lorimer Ventures, and others.

"All of us at Blackhorn are thrilled about the opportunity to partner with Datch to leverage natural language processing technology to address the immediate and much-needed organization and on-the-fly data collection for industrial workers everywhere. Our team believes that through the use of AI, Datch's product is able to palpably improve the lives of workers both on the front lines and in the back office." – Melissa Cheong, Managing Partner at Blackhorn Ventures

The funding will be used to expand Datch’s platform capabilities, introduce new integration tools, and scale our enterprise operations and support. Our goal is to provide our customers with the toolkit to map their unique processes and connect Datch to their systems-of-record with ease.

“We understand that raising money isn’t what makes us successful – it’s what we do with it that makes all the difference. Our mission is to create the simplest and most intuitive interface for frontline workers, allowing them to focus on their jobs, no longer burdened by having to navigate outdated, disjointed software. 
Many companies struggle with operational efficiency. Every day, we are needing to do more with less. People are becoming more generalized in their skill sets, there’s less staff available, workers are retiring faster than they’re entering the workforce, and there’s a huge need for high quality knowledge data within companies.” – Mark Fosdike, CEO at Datch.

Datch simplifies the complexities of modern systems and allows your AI to do the reporting for you, removing the burden for workers to manage multiple systems. The future of frontline work is voice-visual, and we are excited to continue working with companies on their Industry 4.0 journey.

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Written by

Jessica Simm

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